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A Protein Bar is high on proteins and negligible on carbs & sugar, a nutritious substitute to a meal. It makes you feel light and charged yet filled. Shweta’s Protein Bars are all natural and very delicious protein bars that have customers go gaga!


Almonds, Oats, Whey, Dates, Peanuts, Flax Seeds, Chia Seeds, Chocolate, Cocoa, Coconut & Honey

Nutrition Content:
275 kcal, Protein 15 gms, Carbs 40 gms

Total Weight:
70 gms per bar

Meal Replacement, Healthy Snack

Storage and Handling Instructions:
Shelf life 60days, best had refrigerated



About us

Shweta Sharma is a fitness enthusiast with deep interest in Body Building. For her, abs are made in the kitchen!

For love of nutritious and tasty food, she started Shweta’s Protein Bars to share her best with you. The Protein Bars are made with intense care for your and your family’s health.

So whether you are a gymmer, exerciseholic, yogaholic, health-food devotee, place your order today. You will not regret what you get :)

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